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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Terribly Titillating Training for the Tongue

Okay, maybe titillating is too strong a word but it is the phrase I'll be using today to practice the English "T" sound with a faculty member here at SFU.  In my search for support material I happened upon my new favourite English pronunciation site:  Rachel's English.  Rachel uses what she calls "Benjamin Franklin exercises", the method I always use with students to break down and examine a sentence.  I'm thrilled that there is a virtual site for them to refer to after our classes have wrapped up.  Plus, Rachel has conversational videos where she displays the dialogue in IPA!  The bonus for me is that they all take place in New York so I get my big city fix while sitting in my little basement cubicle up here in the non-snowy north of Canada.

Give it a browse when you get a chance!

Rachel's English