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  • "Power Presentation" by Patsy Rodenburg

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tongue Flapping and Vocal Health

With a busy fall term, there hasn't been as much time as I had hoped to make my blog entries. I find myself chasing my one-year old around the park,reflecting on the challenge some of my students have doing tongue work. "Griffin, watch out!" I holler as he almost topples head first over another little boy. My fatigue and lack of vocal rest are evident in the slightly tender sensation in the throat after hollering. I thought I better include some links on tongue work and vocal health.

There must be something in the air (besides the overabundance of clouds and rain) because when I checked out my favourite Voice Blog, Eric Armstrong's Voice Guy, I noticed that he was focussing on the exact same issue as I have been for the past few weeks. The separation of the tongue from the jaw. Pull out your mirrors and check out his site for some great exercises.


Several weeks ago, I had a very unique experience where a group of local voice instructors got together with a laryngologist and a speech pathologist to discuss voice issues as they pertained to the arts. It's not often that I find myself in a room full of people who love to talk about voice issues and are passionate about encouraging vocal health. All too often, people injure their voices purely because of overuse or abuse. Check out these quick reminders on keeping your voice healthy and safe during this busy time of year.